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Hi Shun Ling

Just a quick note to say the package arrived in record time - (2 days after my order!) I can’t get this type of service fro Australian suppliers!!!!
You and your company need to be congratulated - I will certainly be dealing with you again and will be letting all my friends know about you. Comment by John Harding - Australia (05/10/2014)

Hi, I am William, I own a champion jacket. My airbag deployed today after I got into a minor accident. The jacket works perfectly did not get injured! Many thanks to your great product!  Comment by William Tan - Singapore (05/07/2014)

As an owner of one of your Motoair High Vis sleeveless airbag jackets I have recently been involved in a road traffic accident where the vest has become inflated. Although I came away from the incident a bit battered and bruised I am happy to report that I walked away from a head-on collision with a car with no serious injury. I have no doubt that your product saved me from a trip to intensive care or worse!  Comment by Bryan - UK (01/02/2014)

My airbag vest arrived safely. Great service and fast shipment. Thanks. I like the vest. Not too heavy and size is perfect Comment by Christoper - Norway (23.01.2014)


Good Evening Desmond,


I got into a wreck on my motorcycle. The jacket did its job and I'm mostly good. I'll need another jacket as soon as insurance clears up. I noticed on the website the the 2XL is not in stock. I may be able to do with the XL, but was curious if you knew when the 2XL would be back in stock. Everyone in the ambulance and the hospital was impressed with the jacket. Keep up your advertising over hear. I told them about motoair. :- Comment by  Ken Ticich USA (15.09.2012)

 Hi Sir,
The other day,I had a fall while riding in Mersing.
Your airbag has proven to work efficiently .
3 thumbs up
   Comment by
Ermin - Singapore (08/07.2012)

Thank you so much for your help! I will be making my purchases from you. Just so you know, I have researched other jackets and sent emails with no responses from other companies. So, your help is greatly appreciated, thank you for your patience with all my questions!
Your help has made me your customer!  Comment by
Michelle - USA Florida  (12/12/2012)


I wish to share with you my experience of using the airbag leather jacket:

Yesterday, I was riding my SYM 250i to work and a minor accident. The front tyre slipped (oil patch/diesel) when I was taking a corner and the speed was roughly 80km/h. The bike landed on the left side and I was thrown off the bike and upon landing the airbag deployed and cushioned the impact. There is some minor scratch marks on the jacket and I'm so thankful that I've escaped any injury....thanks to the airbag jacket.

A few bikers helped me to get the bike to the side of the road and they were puzzled to see the inflated airbag jacket. 2 of them even asked me where to buy such jacket and I told them about your website and they can order it online. When I was on the side of the road, I took off the jacket and unscrew the CO2 air bottle and deflated the airbag. A few minutes later I continued my journey to my office. Called my wife and she is so relieved to hear that I'm ok.

I now have more faith on the airbag jacket and will definitely wear it whenever I ride my bike. Special thanks to Zhi Ming for the excellent customer service and help rendered.
  Comment by Haizal Omar - Malaysia (15/11/2011)


So far I have bought three vests for myself and three vests for friends of mine. Luckily none of us has had an accident so far so I cannot make any statements about vests function. However they are very easy and convenient to wear.

I also want to tell You that I am verý satisfied with Your prompt handling of orders and shipment. The goods have come within a week each time. This is very satisfying. Comment by Dick Levinson –Sweden (07/09/2011)


Hi Desmond, My girlfriend and I were recently in an motorcycle accident while wearing your vests. We were traveling down a winding mountain road when we hit some gravel and our bike slid out from under us and we were thrown off.

The vests worked very well and I just wanted to say thank you for a fine product. They saved us from being seriously injured. We have some minor scrapes and bruises and my girlfriend has a bad road rash injury on her left knee (she was wearing normal jeans), but otherwise we are well.

I do not know how to deflate the vests so that I can re-pack them and re-use them. Can you please send me some instructions? Thanks again and feel free to use my statement as a testimonial to your great product.
comment by Robert Bustos – USA  (06/07/2011)

Just received the delivery for the airbag jackets on Friday! Really fast shipping! I am very happy with both products as well, they fit great and look awesome, excellent job withsizing charts. Can’t wait to use the airbag jacket for this riding year. I also referred a family member about buying one and he’s very interested in purchasing, i am sure he will just as please as me about the overall quality of service. I’ll spread the word to all my buddies who ride and suggest that they get an airbag jacket. i would just like to thank everyone for their hard work and amazing service. 
Comment by Adam wennerstrom - Canada (14⁄02⁄2011)

I have received the jacket all is well, thank you for your professionalism and speed, I'll recommend to my friends.Thank you again. Comment by  Manuel Valero  Switzerland   (01/12/2010)

Thank for the vest. It is very good quality and I have given you a good review on my motorcycle club web site for other buyers. http://www.600rr.net/vb/showthread.php?p=2904855#post2904855  Comment by Steven Woo - USA 19/08/2010

Well received the jacket, quick delivery and the jacket is great, better than on picture.the attachment system is really easy to install and takes no time to put in place.Great look. Feeling more safe now.Thanks a lot to every one ,specially to Desmond Lim  for all the informations and help before buying. It was a pleasure to do deal with you. Comment by Zacharias Kacharias  - UK   (08/06/2010) 

Dear Desmond,
I have now bought two Leather Airbag jackets from your company. I would just like to thank you and your organisation for selling some outstanding kit at a very competitive price. I would recommend your products to anyone.
Kind regards, Comment by Glenn Robertson - UK (23/05/10)

I have receive the jackets all is well, thank you for your professionism and speed. I will recommended to my friends. Thank you again.  Comment by Manual Valero - Switzerland (30/11/2010)

I got your jacket, and it is one week i am using it, it works fine, apart the airbag is one of the most comfortable and warm i had.many thanks for the fast delivery, all was perfect. Comment by Daniele Barbagallo - Italy (14⁄04⁄2010)

hi, i got the jacket today! This one fits great! So glad i went with a XXL this time.
Thank you.
Comment by kevin Leibensperger - Las Vegas ( 06/04/2010)

Hi Desmond,
Jacket arrive today (wow fastest shipping i've ever had). Jacket fits perfect!Great job on the sizing.
Comment by Allen Pyburn - Canada (23⁄01⁄2010)

Hi, i'm happy to tell you that the jacket has arrived today!!! very fast! just wanted to say thank you again for your quick answer and good price, i will recommend you to my friend. Comment by Nir Honovich - Israel (10/12/2009)

Hi Desmond I just receive the package and I really happy for the fast delivery and the jacket. Thanks a lot for the free pc co2 and the quick release attachment.
The jacket will be the perfect present for christmas .. it was a pleasure make bssines with you ..Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! Comment by Alejandra Ureta - Australia (29/11/2007)


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